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  • Karla Hollan

Yoga in the work place

Abby and I had a great Ergonomic Yoga (EY) session at The Sirata Beach Resort on beautiful St. Pete Beach last week! We noticed right off the bat, that the cohesiveness of the Sirata Managers was going to make for a fun hour together. What a super group of people!

They eagerly shared pain-free goals for their employees. They explained specific occupational demands on their body and were eager to practice the proactive, sound body mechanics that we instructed. They will be implementing into their work day what they learned regarding posture while sitting/standing/reaching/lifting/walking.

Our first EY session left them with 4 tips that will start them on the right path to help protect their own joints from pain and injury. Our tips were a mixture of postural adjustments, modified yoga poses, and stress management techniques that can be integrated into daily life to provide a stronger body and a more centered mind. Gulf Beaches Fitness & Yoga’s "Ergonomic Yoga" is a process of postural aligning through strengthening-styled yoga poses built around work place demands and the natural laws of the human body.

We feel blessed to get this important information out to the employees in the hospitality industry and especially our new friends at the great Sirata Beach Resort!

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