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  • Abby Eastman & Karla Hollan

Yoga In the Work Place - Part 2

Happy New Year!

We are so excited about the direction of

Gulf Beaches Fitness and Yoga

and we look forward to working with you all!

We rounded out last year with a health fair and part 2 of our "Yoga in the Work Place" series at the Sirata Beach Resort. It was awesome to see returning faces in our Ergonomic Yoga session as well as new ones! The health fair mantra we chose was "De-stress and take a breath" (as seen on the breath mints). Try it! It is a great way to slow down and reduce stress during the day. Take your mint and acknowledge your mini breath break with 3 mindful inhalations and exhalations. Practice this tip to help decrease your blood pressure and re-center your direction during a stressful day!

By request of the managers, the second Ergonomic Yoga session focused on solutions for wrist pain, stress management techniques, choosing the proper shoes and creating an ergonomically correct desk space for healthy posture and pain reduction. This session was a mix of helpful yoga poses to reinforce seated and standing body mechanics, as well as methods to use throughout the work day to maintain joint alignment. We even discussed walking tips that keep our feet strong and prevent injuries. We look forward to Ergonomic Yoga Session #3!

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