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  • Karla Hollan

Is Aerial Yoga for You?

Hanging upside down? What?! Why would I want to do that?! Is aerial yoga training for circus acts? Do I have to do flips? Maybe I did not cover all questions, but I bet I mentioned some that pass through the conscious or subconscious mind.

Let me provide a brief answer, invite you to come see for yourself, and share my top 5 reasons for doing aerial yoga. There are many benefits to inversions, specifically inversions that do not bear weight on your cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine. One benefit is that it decompresses your spine from the effects of gravity. Another benefit is that it allows blood flow to the pineal gland, a hormone balancing gland! There are many other benefits and my favorite reasons to do aerial yoga are:

#1 It is fun! It makes you feel like a kid again…carefree and as light as a feather!

#2 It is challenging: The hammock allows you to incrementally go further in many poses so you can go to your edge.

#3 It offers strength gains: It quickly enhances upper body and core strength.

#4 It releases tension: The spine decompresses, the hips have more freedom, and your overall mental state is nurtured.

#5 Final Relaxation is like no other: It is like being in a cocoon where you have your own private space, a safe haven to rest and revive!

Come see for yourself ( and feel free to contact me with ANY questions or concerns.

Happy hanging, Karla

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