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  • Karla Hollan

Do you know how? "

"Finding Neutral” matters. It really does. Our bodies should know what a neutral pelvis feels like when we are sitting, standing, and doing movements. I like the way some Pilates instructors explain “neutral” with their two hands forming an inverted triangle in front of their pelvis. I like when Yoga instructors correct students when locking their knees and overarching their lower spine. I especially like Postural Restoration Institute’s details of bringing the front, lower ribs down and in.

The person in the middle displays alignment that is healthy for the neck, shoulder blades, abdominal activation, neutral lumbar spine, and probably even the proper weight distribution through the feet. Look close at each picture and how the body is engaged, or not engaged.

Next time you bend over to pick up something from the floor, or a golf or tennis ball on the course, or when you are doing Sun Salutations in a Yoga class, please emulate the middle picture. If you aren’t quite sure you are understand all that encompasses “neutral,” contact us so that we can help you feel the difference of the proper muscles being engaged! #GulfBeachesFitnessandYoga,

#corestrength #healthyyoga #spinesmart #wellness

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